Old Ballots

TE-06-05: Due Tuesday, May 30, 2006—Comments on NCUTCD Recommendations on:

  • Attachment No. 1: RW Signs Technical Committee Recommendations—3 Items
  • Attachment No. 2: RR&LRT Technical Committee Recommendations—5 Items
  • Attachment No. 3: Markings Technical Committee Recommendations
  • Attachment No. 4: Signals Technical Committee Recommendations—5 Items

    AASHTO Form—NCUTCD Comments

    Past References and Actions by SCOTE:

    TE-05-04: Highways Subcommittee on Traffic Engineering Review & Comment on NCUTCD Recommendations—Results
    There are a total of 43 items, supporting documents, submitted by the technical committees, as follows:

    TE-05-03: Recommended Changes made by the NCUTCD Councils on June 23 and 24, 2005 and Ballot (CANCELLED—a new ballot will be generated)

    TE-05-02: Proposed Policy Resolution on Traffic Signal Operations and Ballot (closed)

    TE-05-01: Results and Comments on the SCOTE survey on Proposed NCUTCD Recommendations for 2005